Product Size

dress length Body width Shoulder width Sleeve Length
S 52 62 44 Sleeve length
M 53.5 63 45 62
L 56 66 47 63
XL 58.5 66 49 64

Material: 100% cotton

   Leather label: Deerskin

Fabric: 13.5oz Okayama Denim

made in okayama/japan

The G-janes that were a big hit in the 1970s have been upgraded with modern technology and reissued. The fashionable design, while being a standard item, broadens the range of coordination with parkas and T-shirts.

The Bobson G-Jan, a fashionable and durable permanent staple that has not been affected by trends for 50 years, is a powerful ally of humanity in terms of SDGs.

It has a solid and luxurious look.

The more you wear it, the more the jeans owner's expression will be created.

13.5 oz. vintage denim.

The loom was modified to reproduce vintage denim more realistically, and the slight unevenness was also carefully considered.

Resistant to friction and stains, it will accompany the jeans owner's life.

Sewn with No. 20 thread for a tough finish. The jeans are reinforced with a special sewing machine called "Zuikan-soppari" and have design features.

The glue is removed moderately and the fabric is washed by tumbler drying at a low temperature to give it a prestigious texture.